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  1. Olivia & Spidy's Rope Climb

  2. One of my older images. I scanned it from a lost rough draft issue of my cartoon series, and used Photoshop to beautify it. Olivia & Spidy climbed this mountain cliff during a hike in the wilderness located somewhere in the center of Pizzanama. Olivia is using the toes of her front feet to pull up the rope for her boyfriend Spidy, as you can see here. Unlike Spidy, she has no hands, just 8 prehensile feet!

  3. Video Game Evolution

  4. T.V. Man was designed to show almost anything on his screen; he even has a memory bank device inside him that works like photographic memory! Who else remembers those hand-held devices that Sabrina mentioned in this cartoon? They were called Game Boys™, invented by Nintendo; however, they became obsolete very quickly!

  5. Derek C. Jr. In 3D

  6. 3D Max Studio was used to create this image. It was once a project for 1 of my computer graphics classes. In 2D, however, this image would look overworked!

  7. A 16-Bit All Girls' Party

  8. The Brass Ladies stepped on bugs in the video game, too. What kind of bugs, you ask? Program bugs! Get it?

    Anyway, Burger is very bossy especially to the Brass Ladies because he thinks they're incompetent. They thought he was annoying. His bossiness spoiled their fun sometimes. Fortunately, the Neutrals got them to form a truce & not-so-easy alliance in the Season 5 Finale!

  9. Burger's 40th Birthday!

  10. The moral of this story is that sometimes, people aren't as mean as you think they are. Also, Burger's backstory about his insecurity with females has been revealed. Hopefully, the Brass Ladies & Burger's female friends can help him conquer his mild gynephobia(fear of women).

  11. Maryanne Maidenson & the Mirror

    How true is that message? Some people call it "ugliness", I call it "appearance". I agree that appearance can scare or disgust viewers sometimes, but kindness in the heart makes a person more beautiful, no matter how she looks! (Let's assume the person is female)

    Just in case you're wondering, Maryanne has a habit of stepping onto clothes she previously wore; she always tosses it down to the floor after taking it off. Her footwear & feet make it dirty, but she puts it to wash before wearing it again.

  12. The Result of Bullying

    Groundman AKA Grovel Ravel is quite shocked to find out how his bullies of the past died. Luckily, Sally had her history book with her. A bully's life is short indeed; sooner or later, you'd get an opponent who is bigger, stronger, and meaner than you!

  13. Destructive Dottie!

  14. Super Sue!

    Sue Amy Martin discovered that she has acoustikenesis(music manipulation)! Musical instruments glow aquamarine when she uses her superpower to change their sound effects, but the change is temporary. She can immediately change their sound effects again or back to normal by bumping them with her hips again! When they go back to normal, the aquamarine glow fades away.

  15. Young Lady Named Bright

  16. 7th Anniversary

    That strange door in the Graph Dimension chamber shows how Derek & Mr. 7 got into it, and how they can get back out!

  17. Faye Pixie Fights Word Crimes

  18. Vacations of Femininity!

    To the Bottom Back to Top

    That's one of Burger's problems with women: he's not very in touch with his feminine side. In other words, he forgets about how they feel; that's the mistake he keeps making and needs to learn from. Derek actually takes the role as Burger's feminine side.

  19. Costume Criticism! (Part 1)

  20. Costume Criticism! (Part 2)

  21. Patience the Shy Treater

    Patience Muffet is kind of shy and quite easy to scare. She was sometimes bullied in school since her shyness made her an easy target. But she will give candy to trick-or-treaters who aren't so mean.

  22. Olivia's New Hairbow

  23. Sherry Roxwell Paints Her Nails

    If you look closely, human hands & feet are quite similar to each other, yet different.

  24. Thanks For 10,000 Hits!

    Candy Stripes uses her feet a lot! She does abnormal actions with her feet more often than the other Brass Ladies! (They learned how to grasp with their toes from her) Plus, she wears separators between her toes everytime she has a pedicure. Sometimes, she'll keep them between her toes (& walk around with them) just for the sweet sensation!

  25. Coldilocks!

    With that super, special snowman suit, Derek can freeze water by running or skating on it. It also allows him to create freezeburgers to throw at enemies to freeze them. Some of these snowman suits melt away after a while, and some can be destroyed by enemy attacks. (especially fiery ones!)

    By the way, the weather on that planetoid in the cartoon is -13°F! (-25°C!) Luckily, Derek has blur fur all over his skin to keep him warm. But not Goldilocks!

  26. Charming Advice

  27. Cosmic Correction

    I used to think there was no gravity in space, then I learned that actually there is; however, your weightlessness makes it seem like there is no gravity. When something is in orbit around something else in deep space, it's in a constant state of free-fall, making it weightless. Of course, gravity is much weaker in deep space than it is on a planet's surface.

  28. The Missing Turkey Leg

    After taking a 2nd look at that Thanksgiving turkey in that old picture I drew for the holiday, I noticed how it looks like 1 of its legs is missing, and decided that shall be the case! Don Demonvark, being as carnivorous as he is, ate that missing leg of the turkey, as you can see here!

  29. Cocoa Buttermilk or the Origin of Burger's Woman Trouble

    If you already seen "Burger's 40th Birthday", you should remember Burger mentioning a chocolate cake Foodlandian character named Cocoa Buttermilk, who appears in this mini-comic strip. Ever since Cocoa touched Burger, her body of chocolate cake made him sick since he's allergic to chocolate! The experience caused him to get gynephobia(fear of women).

    But that wasn't the only thing that gave him gynephobia; Cocoa's continuous boy-bashing cracks made him feel that women don't really love men. She made those cracks almost every time they met. He grew tired of it & tried to avoid her, which broke her heart. If only she was more sensitive about his feelings & aware of his allergy, maybe she would get Burger's friendship after all, not to mention that he would have trusted females more!

  30. Kissing Kiosk!

    This is the 300th cartoon in this section! Goldilocks becomes a kissing lady for Valentine's Day so she can kiss men & receive $1 per kiss from them in return. But she didn't make as much money as she thought she would. She eats porridge at the end of the story as comfort food. Her cousin Alice Pleasance Liddell tells her not to be desperate about getting a mate. (I hope you aren't desperate either, folks!) As Alice says, kisses can get you into trouble, unless you kiss the right people at the right times!

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