Dollar Denomination

Money can definitely teach you how to do math! You can learn a lot from money, in fact, did you know that there are 293 ways to spend a U.S. dollar? (Half-dollar coins included) Also, there are 50 ways to spend half of a U.S. dollar, and 2,728 ways to spend 2 U.S. dollars! (If you exclude the extremely rare U.S. 2-dollar bill) The least popular way to spend money is to only use pennies!

Other countries in the world have other types of coins for their economies besides the penny, nickel, dime, quarter, half-dollar, & whole dollar.

I’m telling you, kids, you got to learn how to do math. If you don’t, people will eventually take away all your money! Even worse, you won’t know how much money was taken from you, or how much you had, or how much you earned! Don’t let yourselves become penniless like that, keep track of your money with mathematics!

The branch of mathematics that concentrates on money is called Economics. Study it so you can learn how to spend your money wisely.

Penny Pincher the Sales Fairy is about to stop a blockhead from making her Penny Less! Get the joke?

The unfortunate fact about money is that it's the square root of all evil; sometimes, it tempts people, especially criminals. However, it is needed to compensate(pay) for things. To make a long lesson short, it's all about trustworthiness when it comes to money. Besides, if you look at any piece of money closely, you'll see this message: "In God We Trust". (Sometimes, this phrase is added to it: "All Others Must Pay Cash")

© Derek Cumberbatch